Example Of Flowering Plants

In the Kingdom of plantae,  there are about over 250,000 described species, and many tropical species are yet unnamed, which total comprising about 90 percent of the kingdom. During the past 130 million years, flowering plants can be found in every conceivable habitat on earth, from sun-baked deserts and windswept alpine summits to fertile grasslands, freshwater marshes, dense forests and lush mountain meadows. It is estimated there are up 400,000 flowering plant species.

Flowering plants can be seen in the flower gardens, some are important to agriculture, and some are flower trees and shrubs.

Here are  some that are important to agriculture:
rice example of flowering plants-RiceFlower





corn, example of flowering plants-cornmale5







maize, wheat,  barley, rye, oats, millet, sugar cane, sorghum, potatoes,

tomato, example of flowering plants-tomato flower





pepper,  squash, pumpkin, mustard, parsley, cabbage, apple,  pear, cherry, apricot etc.

Then there are all the plants you see in  flower gardens:
pansy, example of flowering plants-Purple_Pansy





poppy, example of flowering plants-Purple_OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





alyssum, calendula, nemesia, tulip,  marigold, celosia,

lobelia, example of flowering plants-Purple_MS_lobelia






begonia etc

Also flowering trees and  shrubs
magnolia, example of flowering plants-magnolia






pohutukawa, example of flowering plants-pohutukawa





kowhai, example of flowering plants-kowhai-large







hibiscus, frangipani etc

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